Our first year together was a bliss! We worshipped, ate, cried, and had fun together. I count my blessings every day. I am so happy to be reappointed at Francis Street First!
Having said this, I also want to share a story about a girl whose brother took her to a nearby hilltop where he enjoyed playing alone. The girl was excited that her brother wanted to share his secret place with her. But when she came within sight of the steep path she drew back in dismay. “How do you climb to the top? Those rocks look so rough. There isn’t a smooth spot anywhere. It’s all bumpy and stony!”  
“Yes,” said her older brother, “but how else would we ever climb to the top if it wasn’t? The stones and bumps are what we step on to get there.” 
Often we think of the Church as a mountaintop. It feels safe to stay there with the people we know. But as soon as we decide to invite new people to the “hilltop,” we might notice that the way up is not that easy. Yes, the life of a Christian is not easy, and many of our members know that. God gives us the wisdom of an older brother/sister to say honestly to people, whom we disciple, that our lives and the life of the church are like the hill climbed by this little girl. There will be rocks and rough places. What gives us the courage to continue inviting the new people instead of enjoying the safety of the mountaintop? How can we know that we have the strength to teach and encourage others that they can do it too? If we believe that God gave us the vision of the future, we will complete the journey because God never leaves us alone.
Is there another way to avoid a steep path? Is there an easier and a smoother road to the mountaintop? I don’t know one. Do you?
Let’s step on our new path together. Helping each other and supporting each other, we will not end on the mountaintop alone but with many new brothers and sisters. The more the merrier! As for the rough spots, how else would we ever climb to the top if it wasn’t for the rough path? The “stones” and “bumps” are what we step on to get there.
Pastor Lydia