Our Youth and Children Program Needs Your help!

In the end, we will be remembered for our acts. For the lives we touched and the causes we advanced. Our Congregational Life & Ministry Team (CLM) works very hard on developing the Children & Youth Ministry. If you attended our Celebration Service last Sunday you saw how active and excited our youth is. This was possible because of your continued support and prayers and the commitment of people who are committed to working with children and youth: Jennifer Tanguay, Candy Sheehan, Karen Gibson, Susan Gentry (Ignite), Mike and Mary Buckler, Cindy Allen, Karen Gibson, and Candy Sheehan (Carden Park Elementary). The Ignite program is a witness of our commitment and prayers for the future of Francis Street First. Youth Program is our legacy that continues 175 years of ministry. I invite you to support our Carden Park Elementary Partnership, IgniteSummer Camp, and Parent’s Day Out ministries for children and youth from the community around us that will include tutoring, field trips, nutritional lessons in partnership with the MO University Extension, and Girls Who Code Club for grades 3-6 and 7-12. You can either simply send us a check with a note “Children & Youth Ministry” or create a lasting legacy by including Youth Ministry endowment fund in your long-term financial plan.
The word “endowment” means your entire legacy gift will be invested in order to create an annual yield (4%, for example) to provide inspirational and educational activities to children of all ages. With an investment of $5,000, your legacy gift would annually provide $200 for our ministry to the children and youth. Your gift can be given to memorialize or honor a loved one, yourself, and/or your spouse and can be designated as a general gift or for a specific purpose that you or your spouse are passionate about. Your gift will live in perpetuity, allowing Francis Street First to continue providing the service to the community. If you are unable to establish an endowment fund today, you may want to consider establishing such a fund in your will. Either way, you will be ensuring that your cause will live, and children will receive spiritual education in a safe environment they need well into the future.
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