Our partnership with Carden Park Elementary will be exciting this semester as we transition to the 3rd-grade classes and meet new teachers and children.  After meeting with the four teachers, who are two young men and women you could feel their enthusiasm and passion for teaching.  They all teach together in one large room, and it was evident that learning was happening all around you where 85 students were interacting with the teachers and one another.  It is a concept they designed together and you could tell it was a very positive approach to this age group. 

The teachers were very appreciative of our assistance and I inquired what their greatest needs were.  They are so happy to have us mentor the students. The greatest needs they have would be buses for field trips.  They have two scheduled this spring.  We sponsored the field trip to Shatto Dairy in mid-March, and also assisted children who were unable to pay for the event.  The other is in May to the Conservation Dept. on the MWSU campus.  The combined cost would be around $550.  They could use additional headphones for reading at a cost of $150.  Treats for incentives were discussed which would be approximately $50 and we could include a small Valentine treat as well.  The total for all of this would be about $800 for the spring semester and if we doubled it for all of 2019, it would be approximately $1,500 for the year.  

The needs are great at this school and our presence is truly appreciated.  They are eager for us to share in the success of their students and it will be so beneficial for everyone involved.  

Thank you for your continued support.


Mary Buckler

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