The whole world – rich and poor alike – is still living through the consequences of the food, fuel, and financial crises.  And we are already being faced with the growing impacts of climate change, the greatest market failure in human history.  As a church, we understand that our purpose is to help those who are less fortunate to stand strong on their feet. The best way to help people besides giving them the help they need is to fight illiteracy. Our ministry at Carden Park Elementary School becomes even more important. Children who do not get behind in reading have higher chance to complete their high school education and get a better job.

Prayer: God, there is so much war, so much violence, so much conflict — too much. And it is the poorest and most vulnerable who suffer even more as a result: in displacement, in victimization, in loss of life. We lift up those of our brothers and sisters whose lives are most impacted by such circumstances. Bring peace to their lives, to their societies, to their worlds, Lord. And as we commit to walking with the poor, give us opportunities to stand with them and to stand for them. We pray all this in the name and power of the Prince of Peace, Amen.