Last Sunday I spoke about our destination – gaining knowledge that does not puff up but build up (1 Cor. 8:1). What is that knowledge or the Truth that we are seeking our whole lives?  Yesterday, observing Francis Brooke, Virginia Chandler, Nancy Reed, Don Barr, Betty Walkup, Karen Gibson, Carlene & Neal Makawski, and Fred Hannah feeding the homeless I saw the light that they brought into the lives of so many people. Fred Huhn blessed the food, and each woman and man smiled back to our crew. It was something more in their smiles and short “thank yous” for food. It was a connection of human hearts. What is that within our hearts that pushes us out of our comfort zones to help others, what makes us caring, loving and forgiving?

I found three ideas about this knowledge of selves in the teaching of Christian mystic Meister Eckhart (1260-1328):

  • There is a “light in the soul that is uncreated, universal, deathless; this is a core of our personality which cannot be separated from God. Very interesting that Eckhart believes that this light is not what we call the “soul,” but some divine essence that is the same for all individuals and is the very center of our consciousness. As Saint Catherine of Genoa put it, “My me is God: nor do I know my selfhood except in God.” This is what our true “self” is.
  • Second, Eckhart teaches, this divine essence can be The main thing is that it must not be hidden under the shield of our everyday personality. Our goal, our destination is to discover that “self” and let it out. We need not be afraid to show our true image daily because only through that “self” we are connected to the light and that spark of the divine that is hidden so deeply in our souls.
  • Third, our highest goal is to dig out that “self” – the light that shouldn’t be hidden from others. Now, when we know our destination we can re-define the purpose of our church. We are not here to puff up but to build up ourselves and others. To show other people that the purpose of life is not to pursue pleasure or fame, but to discover this spark of the divine that is already in our hearts.

Thank you for sharing your hearts with others! I enjoy being on this journey toward knowledge with you.

Do not forget that our early service will be held in the chapel this Sunday. We will need greeters to help visitors find the chapel.                                                  

–Pastor Lydia