Children: How does America compare with other countries?

After our church partnered with Carden Park Elementary School, I started paying more attention to children in poverty. This is a known fact that poverty affects hundreds of millions of children worldwide. How about America? Are all American children safe and have enough food for their growth and intellectual development? How does our future generation prepare to succeed in life? Do all children have equal opportunities?
Across America, the experiences shaping children’s lives are starkly different. Many children are getting the daily opportunities that they needto learn and develop, as well as an abundance of healthy food, and regular chances to play safely and grow their imaginations. However, for far too many other children, families and communities are struggling to provide them safe childhoods they deserve. 2018 End of Childhood Report showed that while the country’s overall score increased by four points since last year’s Report, the progress is slow and the situation remains troubling: the United States ranks 36th, between Belarus and Russia. Can America do better? Of course!
By teaching children to read and mentoring their life skills our church can make a difference in the lives of the first-graders. Just one hour a week of your time can help a girl or a boy to break a cycle of poverty. Check with Mary Buckler and Cindy Allen. They have stories to tell. We will need more volunteers this year to be prepared to meet our new group of children after the class we worked with graduated. What a gift that could be to see our children grow for six years and graduate one day from Carden Park.

Pastor Lydia

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