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Lost and Alone


It is said that no one gets out of childhood unscathed. That may be true, but clearly, some are more scathed than others. You may be one that is feeling lost and alone; depressed and sad; or maybe unwanted and unloved. If so, there is one thing you need to know above all else. Despite all the abuses of this life, you are a child of God. You are wonderfully and awesomely made. And God loves you just as you are, without conditions. If you know nothing else, you must know this simple truth; this good news. If you have a church home we encourage you to attend regularly. If not, come explore the wonders of God’s love with us this Sunday morning at 10:45. We are the Francis Street First United Methodist Church, 12th and Francis, downtown St. Joseph. I’m Mike Perry, one of the leaders there and we’ll save a place, just for you. –Mike Perry

Thin Places

By Mike Perry
Do you sometimes feel close to God but other times not so much? Have you ever described yourself as being spiritual but not necessarily religious? The ancient Celtic Christians used to speak of thin places. Places were the boundary between the reality of this world and the realm of God was very thin. We may not realize it but each of us has our own thin places. Places where we feel closer to God. This could be partaking in communion at a Sunday morning church service; a majestic star-filled sky, a breathtaking sunset, beautiful music, or even the sound of a baby’s cries. Whatever your thin place is, we invite you to share it with us this Sunday morning at 8:45 and 10:45. We are the Francis Street First United Methodist Church at 12th and Faraon, downtown St. Joseph, Missouri where each is recognized as a Child of God and is accepted just as you are. Join us as we seek to know God and follow Jesus Christ.

Russian-Speaking Community in St. Joseph


Saint Joseph Russian and Ukranian Speakers Meetup

Saint Joseph, MO
16 Members

Open to all immigrants from the former Soviet Union: Russian, Ukrainian Speakers, People Married to Ukrainians and Russians, Tadjiks, Belorussians, Parents Adopting children f…

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The Russian-Speakers group introduced New Year Celebration to St. Joseph community on December 30th. The organizers invite all who speak Russian language or have the interest to learn it.  Anybody who loves networking and participating in cultural and educational events will be delighted to experience authentic traditions, food, and music. Some fantastic people are part of this group and are interested in developing, growing, expanding their knowledge and share their experiences.

Advent Study

Catch on Fire

Catch on Fire

Breakthrough in the Office

Breakthrough Day in the Office

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