A Family Man


A family man sat in church one Sunday morning when he noticed a homeless man enter and walk boldly to the front.  His clothes were dirty and tattered.  The family man thought, “How dare this man to intrude into this beautiful Sunday morning service.  This man should not be here.  Someone should ask him to leave.  But as he sat, the preacher paused in his sermon and gave the man an immediate nod of acceptance.  In an instant, the family man realized that this man was exactly where he was supposed to be.  The man had been accepted by the preacher, without hesitation, no questions asked.  With that simple gesture, the family man was reminded that not a single one of us is perfect; yet each of us is a child of God, and we are accepted by God just as we are.   I’m Mike Perry, one of the leaders at Francis Street First United Methodist Church at 12th and Francis, in downtown St. Jo where all are welcome.  We invite you to continue your journey of faith with us this Sunday Morning at 8:45 & 10:45 as we seek to know God and follow Jesus Christ.


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