Join us on Christmas Eve



Grow in God’s love. Spread Jesus’ message.  Serve God’s family

Our vision includes the entire world. With Jesus entering humans on earth, we are reminded of His heart’s desire to show what the love of the Father was really like.  With Jesus, we care for the sick and bring salvation and deliverance to those who are lost. We share the love of Christ with anyone who would accept the free gift of God’s grace.

While we desire to show the love of Christ throughout the entire year, I can’t think of a better season than during Christmas to fully display God’s love for humanity!

Our church provides an opportunity for everyone who joins us to live out and share their gifts of time, talent and treasure. We want to help everyone to move from membership to active discipleship. Pray that this Christmas blesses us as we strive to live our Baptismal call through our service at Francis Street First United Methodist Church and our community.

God Bless you and your family,

Pastor Lydia


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