It is said that no one gets out of childhood unscathed.  That may be true, but clearly, some are more scathed than others.  You may be one that is feeling lost and alone; depressed and sad; or maybe unwanted and unloved.  If so, there is one thing you need to know above all else.  Despite all the abuses of this life, you are a child of God.  You are wonderfully and awesomely made.  And God loves you just as you are, without conditions.  If you know nothing else, you must know this simple truth; this good news.  If you have a church home we encourage you to attend regularly.  If not, come explore the wonders of God’s love with us this Sunday morning at 8:45 & 10:45.  We are the Francis Street First United Methodist Church, 12th and Francis, downtown St. Joseph.  I’m Mike Perry, one of the leaders there and we’ll save a place, just for you.